How Your Teen Driver Will Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates

Teen Drivers and Auto Insurance

If you have ever added a teen driver to your auto insurance policy, you know how much it can affect your rates. If you are planning on adding a teenager to your policy soon, get your wallet ready. Since new, young drivers have less experience behind the wheel, they are considered more of a risk to insurance companies, which is why they come with high insurance rates.

If you are concerned about adding your teen to your existing policy, you have the option to put them on their own. Before your teen gets their license, talk with your insurance agent about which option will work best for your specific situation. Keep in mind that although your teen will not affect your auto insurance policy, their own policy will not come with a low price tag. In most cases, adding your teen to your existing policy will be more affordable than opening their own policy. Make sure that your teen knows that their driving record will affect your policy costs, so if they get just one speeding ticket, it can increase your premiums even more.

There are many ways to help keep the cost of your auto insurance low once your teen starts driving. There are many discounts that can help to reduce your monthly premiums, including a good student discount if your teen maintains a “B” average, or if they pass a safe drivers course. If your teen has their own car, you can also benefit from a multi-vehicle discount if you add them onto your existing policy.

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