Create An Efficient Carpool Program With These Tips

Carpooling Tips

Carpooling is one of the most efficient ways to get your kids to school on time. It can also help you save tons of money on your gas bill. However, carpooling is not as easy as rounding up all the kids in the neighborhood. Taking the time to properly plan your carpool can help to ensure a successful school year. Keep these back to school carpooling tips in mind when starting your own carpooling program.

  • Get organized – once you know which parents will be taking part in the carpool program, create a schedule that works for everyone and gives each parent the same amount of responsibility. Try to only include families who live within a few minutes of each other to keep you on schedule.
  • Know emergency contact information – no matter how careful everyone is, accidents and emergencies happen. Each family within the carpool program should have a copy of the emergency contacts so that they know who to contact.
  • Consider extracurricular activities – if your kids have any activities after school, consider creating a carpool with families of children who participate in the same activities to help make pick ups and drop offs much easier.
  • Stay on time – being even a couple minutes late can mess with everyone’s schedule. No matter if it is your day to drive, or if you are just getting your kids ready for school, do your best to never be late so that you do not hold up the rest of the pickups.

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