Keep Your Transmission in Great Shape and Avoid These Bad Driving Habits for Automatic Vehicles

Avoid These Bad Driving Habits for Automatic Vehicles

Protect your transmission and avoid these bad driving habits.

Driving an automatic car is great. You don’t have to worry constantly about shifting gears. However, there are a few common driving habits that can put stress on your automatic transmission. Keep your transmission in great shape, and check out these habits to avoid when driving an automatic vehicle.

Shifting Gears at the Stop Light.

When it comes to your gas mileage, you may think that switching over to neutral when you’re waiting at a light or sitting in traffic can help you save a few bucks. However, that’s not the case. In fact, it does very little to help your gas mileage. Instead, it puts unnecessary wear and tear on your transmission. Be kind to your transmission and keep the gear shifting to a minimum.

Driving in Neutral Downhill.

Driving downhill gives you enough momentum to ease off the gas pedal. While you may be tempted to shift into neutral, it’s best not to. It doesn’t have any effect on your gas mileage, and it significantly reduces your ability to adequately control your vehicle. Stay in the right gear to drive safely.

Shifting Gears Before Coming to a Complete Stop.

It may not seem like a big deal when you switch gears before coming to a complete stop. However, it puts lots of strain on your transmission and can break your locking pin. When it comes to switching gears, make sure to come to a complete stop first.

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