New DOL Fiduciary Rule is Here – Effective June 9th, 2017

By: Mark Zahoryin You could be liable! Are you aware that Investment Committee Members and Fiduciaries on plans that are making fiduciary decisions can be held personally liable for those decisions? No matter what happens with the new DOL Fiduciary Rule, this process should be a wake-up call for every officer or director whose company has an Employee Retirement Plan but does not have Fiduciary Liability Insurance or Directors and Officers Liability Insurance in place. Although the purpose Read More>>

9 Tips to Drive Home Before Your Teen Takes the Wheel

Plus - Free Downloadable Teen Driver Accident Reporting Kit! The freedom that comes with a driver’s license is like no other, as parents transition from being their child’s chauffeur to handing over the keys, and teens take on the enormous responsibility of manning a 2-ton metal object. “With great power comes greater responsibility”, and a car certainly constitutes great power. In most states, including California, teenagers can apply for their provisional license at 16 years old. Did Read More>>