Are Your Company Cars Protected?

What all Anaheim, CA small businesses need to know about commercial auto insurance. 

One of the most overlooked business insurance policies is a commercial auto insurance policy. Many small business owners who use their own vehicle for work or have their employees driving their personal vehicles for business needs assume that their personal auto insurance policy will provide enough coverage. However, personal auto insurance policies typically exclude vehicles that are used for business purposes, which could lead to you having to pay for damages out of your own pocket.

Commercial auto insurance is meant to provide coverage for standard vehicles, such as pickup trucks and cars, as well as commercial vehicles such as utility vans and limousines. Even if you use a rented vehicle for any business needs, you will need a commercial auto insurance policy to provide coverage for any incident on or off the road.

Typical commercial auto insurance policies are meant to provide the same coverage options as personal auto insurance policies, just with higher limits. There are also many other coverage options that you can add onto your policy that will work to protect your business, including coverage for your:

  • Equipment – which can include coverage for when you are loading and unloading goods.
  • Employees – which can include blanket or broadened policies that will provide protection for additional people or employees with whom your business is working with.
  • Business – which can include coverage for your business’s assets if you are involved in a lawsuit that stems from an accident.

Keep in mind that each policy is different, so make sure to talk with your insurance agent to make sure that you find the right policy that will meet your specific needs.

For all of your commercial auto insurance needs to keep you and your employees safe while on the road with the right policy that will meet your specific needs, contact Brown & Brown Insurance in Anaheim, California.