Enjoy Your Next BBQ With These Safety Tips

Grilling Safety Tips

There are few better ways to enjoy the warm summer weather than with a backyard barbecue with all of your friends and family. While a barbecue will allow for quality time with your loved ones and a delicious meal, it can also lead to serious safety issues. Keep these grilling safety tips in mind to ensure that your barbecue does not turn into a disaster this summer.

  • If you have a propane grill, check the hoses for brittleness and holes. Also, check for any blockages. If the hose is blocked, use a wire pipe cleaner to clear it out.
  • Always store your propane tanks outside, far away from your house. When storing the tanks, always make sure that the valves are shut tight.
  • Only use your grill on a level surface that is a safe distance away from your house, garage, or any other buildings on your property. Once the grill is lit, do not move it.
  • Create a safety zone around your grill that is at least three feet wide. Do not allow small children or pets to play in the safety zone to keep them safe.
  • Never use your grill inside or in an enclosed area. Grills produce carbon monoxide when they are lit, which can be deadly.
  • Even when you are done cooking, make sure that everyone stays away from the grill for a few hours to allow the unit to cool down.
  • When disposing of charcoal, put it in a metal container and douse with water to ensure that it will not start a fire in your trash can.

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