Keep Your House Safe With These New Technologies

New Home Safety Technology

Technology is part of everyday life. From the smartphone in your pocket to the backup camera in your car, technology is helping us stay connected and stay safe. The technology in your home is also advancing to help keep your house safe. Consider investing in these top safety technologies that can help protect your home from various risks.

  • Smart thermostats – smart thermostats are able to learn the user’s behavior, detect and adjust temperatures, and provide insight into how much energy is being used. These thermostats can also connect to smartphones, allowing you to stay up to date with what is going on in your house, even if you are miles away on vacation.
  • Water shut-off systems – if you have ever walked into your house to find that it is flooded due to a faulty washing machine hose, you know how steep the repair costs can be. Automatic water-shut off systems have sensor and flow based whole home water shut-off capabilities, so that the water will stop flowing as soon as a problem is detected. Some are also able to detect leaks early to give you the time to fix them before they become a serious issue.
  • Emergency access systems – if you have a gated entrance to your house, it can be hard for first responders to make their way to your home. Emergency access systems will keep your house keys, and any other keys that are needed to gain access into your house, and can only be opened with a master key that emergency responders have. Other models are able to detect emergency sirens and will automatically unlock the security gate when a siren is close.

Along with having the newest safety technology installed in your home, investing in the right homeowners insurance policy can help to keep you safe. Contact the professionals at Brown & Brown Insurance in Anaheim, California for all of your home insurance needs.