Know The Facts! Check Out How Your Auto Insurance Gives Your Rental Coverage

How Your Auto Insurance Gives Your Rental Coverage

Ensure your rental car is protected with the right auto insurance!

When it comes to your vacation, it’s important to know that you’re covered. Fortunately, your personal auto insurance gives you coverage for your rental car. Check out these facts about rental car coverage for your next road trip.

  • Your personal insurance gives you coverage for liability. In the event of a crash, your insurance kicks in. Just be sure to notify your agent before you drive off the lot.
  • There are a few limitations. For your personal coverage to kick in, you must rent a car within the US. If you’re planning on renting outside the country, then you need a separate insurance policy.
  • If you have a policy that gives you more coverage like a collision or comprehensive policy, that coverage may carry over too. Just be sure to verify with your insurance agent.
  • Your credit card may give you additional coverage. If you rent your car using a credit card, you may get the added benefit of supplementary coverage. This coverage kicks in after you exceed the limit of your primary coverage. Be sure to check with your credit card company to see if this coverage applies to you.
  • Notify the rental company of multiple drivers. If you plan on driving with multiple drivers, it’s important that the rental company know that there are multiple drivers in case you get into an accident. If you fail to tell them, then you may be left without insurance coverage.

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