Bicycle Safety Tips: Ensure Your Safety

insurance and bicycle safety tips Anaheim CA

Stay safe on the road with insurance and these bicycle safety tips!

When riding a bicycle, you’re considered a vehicle. With all of the cars and trucks on the road, cycling is dangerous! Protect yourself with extra insurance coverage for bicycles and these bicycle safety tips.


  • Follow the traffic rules. As a vehicle on the road, you’re expected to obey the rules of the road. Stop at both traffic lights and stop signs!
  • Always wear a helmet. It protects your head from serious injury in the event that you get into a cycling accident.
  • Ride with the flow. As a law abiding vehicle on the road, you should always ride in the same direction as traffic.
  • Lock up your bike. Whether it’s in your garage or at a public bike rack, make sure to lock up your bike. And always lock your bike to a secure fixture like a bolted down bike rack, or a streetlamp pole.
  • Stay visible. When you go out for a ride make sure you’re visible. Wear reflective clothing and try to stay in well-lit areas with lots of people. The same is true when you lock up your bike. Be sure that it’s in a safe, visible area to prevent any theft.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. As a bicycle, you’re more vulnerable to accidents. Always be on your toes and pay attention to the drivers around you.
  • Check your equipment. Both before and after you venture out on your bike, be sure to check the tires, brakes, and wheels to ensure that your bike is in proper working order.

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