National Blood Donor Month

National Blood Donor Month Anaheim CA

Participate in National Blood Donor Month!

January is National Blood Donor Month! Get out and donate to save a life! From cancer patients to car accident victims, your donation makes a huge difference in their patient care. Hospitals and blood banks are in desperate need of donations.  In the U.S. someone needs blood every two seconds, but winter is the slowest time for donations. Make a difference and donate today! Here’s what you need to know before donating.

There are eligibility requirements before you donate to keep everyone involved in the process safe, and healthy!

  • You must be at least 17-years-old, although certain states will let you donate at age 16. If you are a minor, you will need a parent’s permission.
  • You must weigh more than 110 lbs.
  • Be safe! If you don’t feel well, don’t donate. Wait until you’re feeling better to give blood.

There are a few other qualifications for donor eligibility. For a full list, check the Red Cross.

Before you donate, prepare the night before.

  • Drink lots of water. The more hydrated you are the easier the donation process will be.
  • Be mindful of your hemoglobin—the oxygen carrying protein! If you’re too anemic (i.e. lacking healthy red blood cells), you won’t be able to donate. Eat iron-rich foods before you donate. They’ll boost the iron count in your blood.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. Phlebotomists need access to your arm to draw blood. Wear clothing that gives them easy access to your arm.

The donation itself is quick and easy. You’ll check-in, fill out a bit of paperwork, participate in a mini-physical—just to make sure all is well—then you’ll be set to give. When you’re done you’ll have plenty of snacks to choose from to refuel.

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