Check Out These Health Tips For Your Office For Global Employee Health Month

Office Health Tips For Global Employee Health Month

Celebrate Global Employee Health Month and implement these health tips for your office!

May is Global Employee Health Month! Ensure that your employees have a great workplace environment that promotes the importance of health and wellness. Help keep your office healthy and check out these health tips for your office.

Update The Break Room.

From ping pong tables to nap pods, think about adding a few toys to help your employees stay healthy. Games help your workers to de-stress and have a little fun. That aids keeping a positive attitude which boosts their mood while a napping area helps employees get a little shut eye. Sleep is a vital aspect to be a productive employee.

Offer Healthy Snacks.

The vending machine may be convenient, but a bag of potato chips doesn’t sustain a very healthy diet. Make an effort to supply a healthier snack option like fresh fruit or nuts. That way your employees can make healthy choices.

Sanitize Frequently.

Germs are easily spread throughout the office. Everyone does share the copy machine after all. Be sure to make disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers readily available for office use. Your employees will be able to keep their workspace clean, and you’ll see a reduction in sick employees.

Encourage Keyboard Athletics.

Sitting at a desk all day can lead to an array of health issues. Be sure to educate your employees about desk exercises. Simple stretches every hour of so can help your employees feel better.

Host Workshops & Seminars.

Help your employees stay healthy by organizing a healthy workplace seminar. Have a professional come in and discuss various office health issues and how to fix them. Your employees are then armed with the tools to live a healthier life.

Ensure your employees are well taken care of with these health tips for your office. Keep them healthy year round with health insurance. Contact the professionals at Brown & Brown Insurance to help find the best policies for your lifestyle. Located in Anaheim, California, we serve all your personal and commercial insurance needs.