How To: Stay Safe While Shopping Online For The Holidays

Don’t let your holiday season be ruined by a cybercriminal.

Shopping online during the holiday season is the easiest way to cross off all the gifts on your list without having to deal with the crowds at the mall. Unfortunately, it can also increase your chances of identity theft. Keep these online holiday shopping safety tips in mind to ensure your personal information stays safe:

  • Check your software – no matter if you are using your smartphone or computer, make sure your software is up to date. Having the newest software out there will reduce the chances of someone hacking into your device.
  • Throw it away – if you receive any emails or messages that look suspicious, put it right in your trash. Cybercriminals use these tools to train and gain access into your computer to get ahold of your information.
  • Consider your connection – while free Wi-Fi may seem convenient, it can be very dangerous. Public Wi-Fi is very easy to hack into, putting your personal information in jeopardy. Only buy gifts online if you are connected to a secure Wi-Fi.
  • Use a credit card – try to avoid using your debit card when buying anything online. Credit card companies have much better policies in place when it comes to refunding money that was stolen by a hacker. Only using one credit card will also make it much easier to check your statements to ensure that it is right.
  • Keep copies – save a hard copy of all of your online transactions, including the price, online receipt, and terms of the sale.

Having the right insurance policies in place will help to ensure you and your personal information stay safe while shopping online. Contact the independent insurance professionals at Brown & Brown Insurance in Anaheim, California for all of your insurance coverage needs this holiday season.