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Protect Your Identity This Holiday Season With These Tips

November 28th, 2014

The holiday season is here, and while you are spending more time at the store shopping for the perfect holiday gift, it is important to keep your identity protected. Identity thieves take advantage of the stressful holiday season and use this time to steal your personal information. Keep these holiday identity theft protection tips in mind to ensure that you stay safe!

  • Protect your home – with all of your holiday gatherings, there are probably more people at your home than usual. The extra people in your home can make you much more vulnerable to identity theft. Make sure that you do not have any important documents lying around and that your identity documents are locked away in a safe.
  • Choose credit over debit – since debit cards take money directly out of your bank account, it is harder to get reimbursed. Credit cards do not take money directly out of your account, and they have a longer period to allow you to catch any fraud.
  • Leave your purse at home – purses are much easier to steal than a wallet in your pocket. Find a wallet that fits in your coat pocket when you are shopping for holiday gifts. Only take your ID and one or two credit cards, so if something is stolen, you will only be missing a couple of cards.
  • Check your statements – while you should check your bank and credit card statements every month, it is especially important to do during the holiday season. If you see any discrepancies, make sure to call your bank or credit card company as soon as possible.

Having the right identity theft insurance policy can help add an extra layer of protection. For all of your insurance needs, contact Brown & Brown Insurance in Anaheim, California.

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