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Stay Safe on Wet Roads This Winter

December 10th, 2014

Help Avoid an Accident on Wet Roads With These Tips

Living in Southern California means that you do not get to enjoy a white winter, but you may have to deal with wet roads. Driving on a wet road can lead to serious accidents if you are not careful. To ensure that you stay safe on the road this season, keep these wet driving tips in mind.

  • Regularly check your tires. Every time the road is wet, make sure to check your tires to be sure that they are properly inflated. Also, check the tread depth of your tire and replace your tires if they are starting to go bald.
  • Slow down. Rain mixes with oil and other grime on the road, which can make the roads slick. Slow down to help you avoid skidding on the road and allow for better overall traction.
  • Do not slam on your brakes. Slamming on your brakes will just cause your car to skid. Instead, apply firm, steady pressure to your brakes to get your car to stop.
  • Leave more distance ahead of your car. It takes much longer to stop when the road is wet, so make sure to give yourself enough space to stop so that you do not hit the car in front of you.
  • Check the weather report. Before you hit the road, check the weather forecast. If the forecast calls for serious rain, postpone your trip. Staying home is the only way to completely avoid an accident.

Investing in the right auto insurance policy is the best way to stay safe on the wet winter roads. For all of your auto insurance needs and to ensure that you stay safe this season, contact the insurance experts at Brown & Brown Insurance in Anaheim, California.

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