Tire Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

Teen Driving Tips

Watching your teenager drive off on their own after they got their license can be a very scary moment. However, if you know that they are prepared for any peril that they may face on the road, it can help to ease your anxiety. Making sure that your teen knows how to handle a flat tire can help to ensure that they are not stuck on the side of the road. Share these teen car maintenance tips with your teen driver to help them stay safe while on the road.

Since the tires are the only part of the vehicle that touches the road, they are the most important safety feature on your child’s vehicle. If they experience a flat tire while on the road, they could be stuck for hours waiting for help. Teaching your teen to deal with a flat tire can help to keep them safe and can help them avoid waiting for help.

There are many basic tire safety tips that your teen should know, including:

  • How to check their tire pressure.
  • How to check the tread depth.
  • How to change a flat tire.
  • Who to call for roadside assistance.
  • Who to accept a ride from if their car breaks down.

Along with knowing how to properly deal with a tire blowout, there are many other situations that your teen should know how to handle when they start driving, including:

  • How to check their engine oil and add more if needed.
  • Where their owner’s manual is located.
  • What the warning lights on the dashboard mean.
  • Where to add windshield washing fluid.

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