World Water Day: Learn How To Conserve Water With These Tips!

World Water Day Water Conservation Tips Anaheim CA

Conserve water in honor of World Water Day with these tips!

With an unprecedented drought in California, it’s vital to use water wisely. However, drought isn’t unique to Southern California. Water is a valuable resource that needs attention all over the world. March 22 marks the United Nation’s World Water Day. Celebrate all water does for you and consider how to use water on a daily basis. Use water wisely and check out these easy tips for water conservation.

  • Reduce your watering. Rather than watering your lawn every day, water your lawn once or twice per week. Be sure to water in the evenings when it’s not as warm. That way there’s less evaporation and your lawn gets more water.
  • Check for leaks. From your sprinklers to your plumbing, anything that uses water runs a risk for leaks. Make sure to check your pipes every so often to ensure that there aren’t any leaks. Not only do leaks waste lots of water, but they also increase your water bill.
  • Turn off the water when you wash your hands and brush your teeth. When you’re scrubbing away, there’s no need to leave the water on. Turn it off and save gallons of water.
  • Only do full loads of laundry. This goes for the dishwasher too! Make sure that you’re washing as much as you can at one time. That way you don’t have to repeatedly spend your time washing items again and again and you maximize your water use.
  • Install water efficient appliances. From washers to toilets, there are all sorts of appliances that you can buy to reduce your water usage.

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