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Buying Your First Home Insurance Policy? Use This Checklist!

February 23rd, 2017

Before you start shopping for home insurance for your first home, review this checklist.

Buying your first house is exciting – and a lot of work! Now that you’ve found your perfect property, it’s time to protect it. You know a home insurance policy is a necessity, but how do you know which policy is right for your new property? We can help! Here’s a brief checklist that new homeowners can use to hone in on the best home insurance policy for their house, their lifestyle, and their budget.

  • Understand your options. Not all homeowners insurance policies are created equal! Sit down with your insurance agent and ask him or her to explain your options. For example, you’ll need to choose between actual cash value and replacement cost value. The former will only reimburse you up to the current market value of your items, so depreciation could leave you underinsured. Replacement cost will ensure you can cover the cost of items you need to replace in full!
  • Understand what you need insured. You know that you need to insure your house itself, but how much additional protection do you need? Create a home inventory so you can rest easy knowing your furniture, electronics, clothes, and more are covered. List everything you own so your agent can help you properly insure all of your property.
  • Understand what isn’t automatically covered. Most standard home policies don’t include flood or earthquake protection and max out before high-value items like jewelry and art are fully covered. Talk to your agent about these risks to make sure you add on any necessary coverage.

If you’re hunting for home insurance for your first time, contact the professionals at Brown & Brown Insurance. We’re here to help find the best policies for your new home and your lifestyle. Located in Anaheim, California, we serve all your personal insurance needs. Call us today!

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