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Defend Your Business Against Winter Slipping Accidents

February 2nd, 2017

Don’t let the colder months put your assets on ice! Use these tips to protect your business this winter.

In Southern California, we’re fortunate to avoid freezing temperatures and icy roadways during winter. That doesn’t mean the coldest months of the year don’t bring hazards to businesses in Orange County, though. Recent rainstorms sweeping the state have proven that it still serves companies to put some thought into preparing their workplaces for the winter. Here are a few tips to help!

  1. Keep water out. When it’s pouring outside, it’s only natural for employees and clients to rush into the shelter your business offers. As they come in, they’ll bring water with them. Make sure you have a warm, dry area ready to greet them. An umbrella holder can help you keep puddles off the floors, and a doormat will similarly help you keep the ground dryer.
  2. Have a Plan B. During heavy rains, it’s all but impossible to keep every square foot inside dry. Make sure that you’re prepared when the floor does get wet – and slick. Have highly visible wet floor signage ready to set out anywhere water has gathered and make sure your custodial staff has the right tools to deal with the moisture.
  3. Work as a team. Ask your staff to help you keep an eye on the safety of your workplace. If everyone partners together and reports potential slipping hazards right away, you can significantly reduce your risk of an incident.

We want to help protect your business against winter slips and falls and the liability they bring. Contact the professionals at Brown & Brown Insurance to help find the best policies for your business. Located in Anaheim, California, we serve all your commercial insurance needs and can put policies in place to keep your business thriving even in the face of an accident.

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