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Divorce & Auto Insurance: Here's What You Need to Know

June 23rd, 2016

Learn how a divorce affects your auto insurance.

A divorce isn’t pretty. It’s hard to divide your once combined lives into two separate lives. With all the stress and legal considerations, your divorce primarily consists of determining who gets what. However, with all the division of personal items, your insurance policies are often overlooked. After a divorce, your auto coverage is going to change. Find out what you need to know about dealing with your auto insurance after a divorce.

Updating Your Policy.

You likely had a combined policy. After your divorce, you need to separate the policy. One person can keep it while the other has to find a new policy. Talk with your agent about how to best go about it. They can help you remove a name or a car from the existing policy, and they can help the other find a policy that best fits his or her needs. Keep in mind that you may have a new financial situation, so you may need to adjust your coverage, policy limits, and premiums.

Insuring Your Kids.

Despite the divorce, your teenagers still need insurance coverage. Think about who will list them on their policy. Generally, the parent with custody bears the responsibility of coverage. If you have joint custody, then pick the parent whose garage the car spends the most time in. Pay attention to state laws; some states require that all household drivers be listed on the policy.

Insurance and a Move.

If you’re moving after a divorce, keep in mind that it will affect your coverage. You will need to change your address, and your new zip code may change your premium for better or for worse. Also, know that different states have different coverage requirements. Find out what you’ll need before you make your move.

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