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Revolution Care Program – Employee Ease

November 15th, 2017

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By: Brett Struiksma and Tucker Vejsicky

 Putting “Care” Back into Healthcare with Employee Ease

With its concierge level, white glove approach, Revolution Care is changing the way we address healthcare, for the better, with Employee Ease. Have you ever flown first-class or dined in a 5-star restaurant? Have you had VIP access to a concert or golfed with a personal caddy at a country club? If so, you know the different level of service you’ve received and how much more enjoyable the experience was. Revolution Care applies that same approach to its healthcare clients. As a RevCare member, you are treated to a concierge level of service and guided through your healthcare progress, with a higher level of personalized service unprecedented in the industry.

Revolution Care Pods

Revolution Care Pods are unique and unmatched in the healthcare industry. Each pod is staffed with 28 healthcare specialists dedicated to providing concierge service each time you call. The pod includes certified nurses, Health Warriors, and claims specialists that support a limited number of companies, meaning you have immediate access to help and support on everything from prescriptions and referrals, to claims analysis. The Revolution Care program makes it easy for employees to receive healthcare information by contacting a specialist within one of our pods. These personalized pods are staffed with healthcare experts that are only available inside of Brown & Brown’s Revolution Care program.


Another unique aspect of RevCare is the all-access RevCard, with one point of contact for all your healthcare needs. Instead of sifting through multiple phone numbers on your insurance card, RevCard provides you with one number directly to your RevCare Pod. Having a single number to call makes it easy to receive guidance and answers. With this one number, you have access to:

  • 24/7 specialists within your RevCare Pod.
  • After-care options when you have questions regarding as billing, pharmacy, and follow-up procedures.
  • The ability to set up an appointment with Revolution Care’s physician-on-demand.


RevCare has also reintroduced the concept of house call visits from certified physicians. Thanks to technology, employees may video conference face-to-face with a physician by using their computer, tablet, or smartphone. These physicians work alongside our Health Warriors and specialists to provide a coordinated healthcare solution tailored to the employees’ healthcare needs. This certified physician may also provide information regarding prescription medication based on their diagnosis and where to locate the most affordable medications. This is will allow you to diagnose an ailment more quickly, and save you a considerable amount of time and money.

Putting the employee’s health needs first is our priority. To learn more about Employee Ease, our RevCard program and the Revolution Care Pods, contact our Revolution Care specialists today.

As part of our new Revolution Care Program launch, we will be sharing a series of articles on our program benefits over the next few weeks.

Brett Struiksma

Employee Benefits Consultant

Brett takes a strategic approach when assisting his clients navigate compliance and health insurance reform, providing comprehensive analysis and creative plan design for optimal benefit plan communication and compliance.