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Why choose one of Brown & Brown’s Programs? Because insurance coverage is as specific to you as it is to your industry and due to our strong industry relationships, we are able to offer programs other agencies cannot. We insure numerous industries, and our knowledgeable team works closely with you to tailor a program designed for your business, one that includes the coverage and protection you deserve.

Taking a product off the shelf designed to work with a multitude of different industries can inherently leave gaps in coverage. Conversely, the same product may include coverages that are not needed by certain industries, but the charges for them remain. Why pay for something that you do not need?

Our products of industry-specific design aim to eliminate both the unnecessary cost associated with expendable coverage lines and close potential gaps in coverage that expose the business to potential liability.

Our brokers act as your guiding hand throughout the entire insurance process, conducting regular reviews of your policy and informing you of additional coverage and programs, to ensure you are receiving comprehensive coverage and the most competitive price. Rather than purchase a cookie-cutter insurance policy that remains the same for years without review, our goal is to match you with one of our specialty insurance professionals and develop a long-term relationship with you.

Brown & Brown is able to offer exclusive and specialty programs for numerous industries, is yours one of them? Contact us today to find out how we can make a difference for you.

Chris Morse

Vice President, Commercial Lines Broker

With an extensive background within multiple facets of the insurance trade, Chris is able to ensure his clients risk costs are managed effectively and affordably.


COVID-19 Resource Page

Brown & Brown Insurance of California’s goal is to provide insights and tools to help employers handle new situations arising from COVID-19. We continue to add resources to our Coronavirus Resources webpage as we receive updates from our Risk Management Team.