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Revolution Care Program – Human Resources Benefits Services

December 12th, 2017

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What if your health care provider could reduce the amount of time your human resources staff spent on the administrative aspect of employee benefits? How appealing does getting 25% of your time back sound?

Everyone is aware of the time employee benefits questions and paperwork takes, causing workflows to slow and efficiency to subside. Industry polls show that employees expect their HR team to spend upwards of 60% of their time managing employee benefits. This purely administrative workload limits most companies from moving out of an operational HR model into a more strategic one.

Partnering with Revolution Care’s Benefits Services assists with company-wide employee benefits, giving your HR staff an efficiency boost. Statistics show that teams utilizing services provided by Revolution Care’s Benefits Services see a 25% reduction in health benefits-related workload. That means more time back to your staff to focus on human capital, performance, and leadership and less on employee benefit administrative tasks.

With Revolution Care’s Benefits Services, all phone calls go through a trained and dedicated HR staff member, offsetting those tasks from your staff, without additional administrative fees. These HR staff members are part of the Revolution Care pods and can provide your business with personalized aide in the areas of:

  • Issue Resolution; addressing all issues related to benefits and services
  • Expert Guidance; coordinating between members and providers
  • Claims Administration; helping members establish primary care relationships and focusing on prevention

Revolution Care brings compassion, customized care, and cost-savings to this proactive approach to healthcare. To learn more about Revolution Care’s Benefits Services, our unique Pods approach and what they can do to help your business, contact our Revolution Care specialist today.

As part of our new Revolution Care Program launch, we will be sharing a series of articles on our program benefits over the next few weeks.

Brett Struiksma

Employee Benefits Consultant

Brett takes a strategic approach when assisting his clients navigate compliance and health insurance reform, providing comprehensive analysis and creative plan design for optimal benefit plan communication and compliance.