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Executive Benefits

Interested in creative ways to attract and retain high-level executives?

We have the unique solution you’ve been looking for. Offering executive benefits for your C-Suite level owners/principles/employees, our plan takes traditional coverage and wellness programs to the next level, so your top performers remain at the top.

Our executive benefits program covers out of pocket expenditures up to $100,000 per year per family, with multiple coverage levels to choose from. The covered expenditures include Executive physicals, prescription sunglasses and designer frames, crowns & bridges, brand name prescriptions, in vitro fertilization, Lasik eye surgery, acupuncture and more. Our plan offers coverage for expected healthcare expenses, as well as the unexpected, which can change from year to year and person to person.

The program also provides assistance finding doctors and/or specialists and may even call on your behalf to set up appointments. Our plan is an ACA-Accepted Benefit. ACA Non-Discrimination and other provisions do not apply, it is fully insured and meets 105(h) requirements.

Additional benefits include Travel Assistance – if your employee is injured or sick more than 100 miles from home. The ease of a prescription drug Visa card, so your employee can simply swipe when picking up prescriptions instead of submitting claims for reimbursement, and a Claims Concierge that automatically conducts a weekly sweep of your submitted medical claims and explanations of benefits (EOB) and auto processes them for reimbursement.

Our unique solution is in addition to traditional plans, reimbursing medical expenses and more.

The following chart illustrates the higher cost of executive compensation and the actual cost to the company. With our plan, the take-home value is more beneficial to the company.

Executive Benefits graph

If you’d like more information on our program, contact us.

Adam Lawnsdale

Vice President, Employee Benefits

Adam's extensive knowledge of the industry allows him to facilitate open enrollment and educational opportunities for employees and employers, providing superior strategic planning and customer service.


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