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Fully-insured Health Plan

Health Plans, like those they cover, come in many shapes and sizes. Our Employee Benefit Advisors specialize in creating the best plan to fit your company and employees. One option is the Fully-insured Health Plan.

When it comes to an employer-sponsored health plan, the most traditional structure is a fully-insured health plan. With a fully-insured health plan, employers purchase health insurance from an insurance company and premiums are set by the carrier. These premiums are all inclusive of administrative, fixed, and expected claims costs.

Premiums are paid to the insurance carrier. The number of employees enrolling in the plan each month dictates the premium rates, which are fixed for a year. However, if the number of employees enrolled in the plan changes, then monthly premiums may change.

Insurance carriers use premiums to pay employee healthcare claims, based on the coverage benefits outlined in the policy. The employees (and dependents) covered in the plan are responsible to pay any deductibles and/or co-payments services covered under their policy, much like a car insurance deductible. A healthcare deductible is the set amount the covered needs to pay towards their medical costs before insurance begins to pay. Unlike a car insurance deductible, the covered employee can “meet” their health insurance annual deductible. Deductibles are different from premiums.

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Vice President, Benefits Sales Manager

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