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Human Resource Management

Taking a strategic approach to Human Resource Management can provide an effective platform within the Employee Benefit space. Brown & Brown offers several options to assist your company in maximizing performance and meeting objectives. Contact us today, to learn more.

Healthcare Reform

Brown & Brown offers a strategic approach to assist companies in maneuvering through the Affordable Care Act and other reforms to Healthcare.

Wage & Hour Guidance

When it comes to Wage & Hour claims, many companies may find themselves facing legal issues. Our services provide legal support on how to deal with these situations.

Regulatory Updates and White Papers

Lawmakers are continuously pushing to make changes to the healthcare system and regulations to healthcare. We provide timely and credible information for updates and changes in the industry.

Policy and Procedure Review

Brown & Brown utilizes guidelines to audit and review our client’s policies and procedures to verify all coverages are appropriately and systematically customized for your business needs.

FMLA Guidance

Family Medical Leave Act entitles employees to unpaid leave for up to 12 weeks. Our services and support include helping organizations administer and stay in compliance with this Act.

Compliance Audits

State and Federal regulations require companies to adhere to established standards and guidelines. Brown & Brown provides its clients with all of the necessary information and support to pass compliance audits.

Employee Handbook Creation and Review

Employee Handbooks outline and provide company policies to all employees, setting the expectations for the office in terms of performance and behavior and establishing any consequences for those not meeting expectations.

Our services provide support to create a new handbook, and/or provide strategies to ensure handbooks are current with updated laws and regulations.

Training and Development Courses (including CA-required Managers Sexual Harassment Training)

Access to over 200 courses provides numerous opportunities for training and certifying your workforce to be better equipped for any situation including Compliance, Human Resources, Leadership, and Safety.

Interactive Compliance Calendar

Brown and Brown can provide a comprehensive calendar to track and schedule all Compliance regulations and deadlines your company must adhere to.

Access to Dedicated HR Team/Hotline

Our partnerships provide a dedicated and legal HR support representative for your company to utilize for question ranging from Onboarding to Terminations.

HR Library

Brown and Brown provides a vast library of information for all aspects of HR. This tool increases our clients access to pertinent information to increase knowledge and training.

Job Description Assistance

Having job descriptions describing the general tasks, or other related duties, competencies and responsibilities of a position is recommended. Brown and Brown can provide an interactive Job Description builder or provide support services to create these through our partnerships.

Bud Cole

Vice President, Benefits Sales Manager

As Manager of the Employee Benefits department at Brown & Brown Insurance Services of California, Bud strives to maintain the highest integrity while providing the strategic, value added services and ideas for clients.


COVID-19 Resource Page

Brown & Brown Insurance of California’s goal is to provide insights and tools to help employers handle new situations arising from COVID-19. We continue to add resources to our Coronavirus Resources webpage as we receive updates from our Risk Management Team.